Crosses have the usual sparkly combination of glass tile, beads and stained glass, metal and silver beading, gold and silver mirrored pieces, found objects and pique assiette (broken china and ceramic) on a variety of bases, mostly repurposed from thrift stores. Oooh how I love to treasure hunt! Please let me know which one you like--if it's sold I can pretty closely reproduce almost anything. I would be happy to embellish any other article of faith as well.

Mosaic on wood cross. Sold.

Love One Another

Mosaic on ceramic cross. $85

The Sparkle After Rain

Mosaic on bisque cross. Sold.

Colors of Faith

Mosaic on ceramic cross. $95

Glad Heart

Mosaic on bisque cross. $95

Gentle Blessed

Mosaic on bisque cross. Sold.

Heart and Treasure

Mosaic on bisque cross. $95

Adorned in Love

Mosaic on bisque cross. Sold.

Jeweled Sunrise

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